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The End Of Things
The end of Things by Christopher S. Nittiham. Genre:  Furry, life

It's real hard to describe the story but I really like the artwork, really does reminds me of my friends work.

Fox Fire Chronicle
Fox Fire Chronicles by Luke Turner & Michael Donelly

Five humans were kidnapped and transform into half beast and the prophecy will commence...

Legostar Galactica
Legostar Galactica by D.M Jeftinija

What kind of comic will you made if you got Star Wars with Legos?

Seed Of Judgement
Seed Of Judgement by Ty Frederick. Genre: Furry, war, action

What happen if nuclear war is at hand? Go ahead and read this amazing art and story.

One Nation
One Nation by Julius Tan Aka "The wolf" Genre: furry, war, WW2

This set in 1939 during WW2 where a team of Nazi Commandos are sent to investigate weird happenings.

Psychic Dyslexia Institute
 Psychic Dyslexia Institute by Scott "Scix" Maddix Genre: furry

Mix an Institute for Psychics and a group of Psychics equal err... a comic?

The Suburban Jungle
The Suburban Jungle by John "The Gneech" Robey Genre: Furry, humor, drama sitcom

It's got drama, romance and ....furries! Really nice work.

Star Bored
Star Bored by Bob Oosterwijk. Genre: Star Wars style, humor.

Dunno how to describe it ,it's too funny.
Dracula by Tod Puck Wills Genre: Furry, Horror
It's a stroke of genius I'd Say. It's stories are based on Bram Stroker's greatest work, Dracula. There are
not only vampires.....
Code Name :Hunter
Code Name: Hunter by Darc and Gryfalcon Genre: Furry, fantasy
What happens if the M16 agency and magic coexist? 
Post-Nuke by Andreas Duller and Mark Duller Genre: hardcore action
The theme just happens to remind me of Ty Frederick's Seed Of Judgement. A man and his dog trying to
survive after the Nuclear War.
2 Way Mirror
2 Way Mirror by Jessica Strub and Jordan Kinoshita	Genre: Furry, life
A young female name Anissa has to face difficult challenges in life as
things got more crappier when she somehow possess magical power and uses it "selfishly" 

Tall Tails
Tall Tails by JD Calderon and Daphne Lage	Genre: Adventure, Medieval
Ahh, the good ol' sword and sorcery.A very good comic.I highly recommend it.
West Corner Of The Park
West Corner Of The Park by Jim Groat		Genre: furry
West Corner Of the Park is a comic based on Furry Muck. Warning: may contain nudity and lots of "yiff"
Nukees by Darren Bleuel				Genre: humor 

Dunno how to explain this comic.I like the characters too.

8:1 by B Duffy					Genre: kinda sad isn't it?

I like the art work. The stories are nice too.

BadBlood by Liriel Mcmahon -Genre:?

Bloody As Hell
Bloody As Hell by Anthony Devine -Genre:Adventure,Gore
The title says it all...

The Man Who Hates Fun
The Man Who Hates Fun by John Thornton		Genre:????
I like the stories, it just reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe's tone.
Vinci & Arty
Vinci & Arty by Candy Dewalt			Genre: furry

I have to agree with most of you who did read Vinci & Arty, I like the characters.

Church Mice
A new Christian-based comic strip about a mouse pastor and his church.

Jack by David Hopkins				Genre: furry, "GOTH"
It's sad and depressing. Boohoo I'm too sad to explain it. Not really goth okay?

My Other Project


A comic about a teen living in Malaysia,facing many challenges,pressure and just Life!
Update if I feel like it.

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I'm been following this guy's tutorial since before the start of my webcomic here.

The Synetai Chronicles 
The author use to have a webcomic on keenspace too, the comic goes by the name of  The Kerashant Chronicles. It shows some important anatomy and such in great detail. He has been my idol since I got into webcomic business .Warning: may contain adult materials. Available in Italian and English.

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